>Awards of a Personal Nature

>With a week of calm at home to reflect on the Crochet Guild of America 2010 Chain Link Conference earlier this month, I see that I have been remiss. Never is there enough time to thank all who helped pull off events of such magnitude and scope.  I tried to catch everyone during the eight days I was on site in Manchester, including the posse, the geeks, the models, the judges, staff, my book signing host, CGOA kahunas, corporate sponsors and the facilities managers at the venue (who could not have been more accommodating).  But I hope all who helped make this event happen and particularly those who chafed under my unrelenting and at times I am sure annoying bossiness will forgive but never forget how it all came together in the end.

There is a rule, a mantra, that must be expressed and impressed on every conference attendee each year.  Everybody say it with me.  “What happens at Chain Link…. stays at Chain Link”. What I reveal below is not a shattering of the code of silence, but a peek into what makes a code necessary.  No, just kidding.  This is my way of giving due recognition to those who worked so tirelessly yet managed to make it so much fun and to those whose contributions were not necessarily apparent to attendees.

So, here is the list of winners of this committee chairman’s Other Awards, ones you won’t hear or read about anywhere else:

“Unsung Hero Award” — Diane Moyer.  You might not recognize her name or know her face, but Diane was the busiest posse member on site.  She appeared at several major events throughout the conference, quietly and competently working her assigned tasks.  BRAVA!

“Hottest Skirt Model” — Kimberly McAlindin, who regaled us with her interpretation of her favorite Jazzercise routine while wearing my “Felina Skirt” sample from Crochet Lace Innovations during Thursday evening’s Market Preview.  You had to be there.

“Coolest Skirt Model” — Vashti Braha, who floated regally among the attendees that same night in my “Rohise” hairpin skirt.  Here’s Vashti in the skirt with Cari Clement during Awards Ceremony night.  Vashti is claiming her prize for the Weightless Tunisian Wrap design.

“Best Performance by a Tall Person” — Joshua McKiernan, who helped me take down 12 boob dummies (don’t ask) from the design competition display wall at show’s end.   Hey, Josh, I found the 12th set of hanging hardware, so no worries.

“Chicken Dance Diva” — Tammy Hildebrand.  Again, don’t ask.

“Most Appreciated Coffee Rescue by One of the Posse” — Leslie Urinyi.  Hon, I might have perished that afternoon without your timely and kindly intervention.  Why do I bother to drink it?  I should just hook up an IV.  Here’s Leslie and her award-winning design, the Tree Hat.

“Most Appreciated Food Rescue by One of the Posse” — Vashti Braha, who managed to snag the last piece of chocolate cake from the buffet for me, too, which I naturally ate first.

“Geeks Rule!” Award — KJ Hay and her husband Bradley (who also wins the “I could listen to him talk all day” award for his Adelaide accent!).  As the designated AV tech team for the Design Competition Awards Ceremony Gala, KJ and Bradlely cooked up the most amazing Powerpoint show and have raised the bar for what attendees can expect.

“Unstinting Sponsorship by Industry Suits” — This award must be shared by all who gave so generously and made this year’s design competition prize pot the richest ever.  Ginormous cheers to Caron International, Coats & Clark, Interweave Crochet, Boye, Leisure Arts, Crochet! Magazine and KJ Hay for the dollars.

“Catwalk Kudos” to the Fashion Show team of producers Jacque Kurman and Melanie Mays, emcee Karen Whooley and backstage coordinator Diane Moyer. Thanks for putting on such a great show.

The “I Can’t Believe We Are Doing This Again” and the “Best Disco Moves By a Dancer with Questionable Knees” Awards go to Cari Clement, the CGOA Board of Directors Liaison to my committee, emcee of the Awards Ceremony, and Queen of Club Caron.  Cari is a force of nature.  Don’t even attempt to argue with her or micro-manage her.  Best to sit back and marvel at her energy and commitment to crochet and the crochet community.  Sorry about the mess, Cari.

Club Caron, 2010.  Wish you had been there huh?

I sincerely hope to see everyone at the 2011 CGOA Chain Link Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 27-31 July, at which time we will get a chance to do it all again.  🙂


3 thoughts on “>Awards of a Personal Nature

  1. >WOW! I've never won a chicken dance award before! My family will be so proud. Especially my teenagers! Do I get a ribbon? A plaque? Something to hang on my office wall? Just way too much fun!Can NOT wait until Minnesota!!!

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