>The Giving Season

>I met Tammy Hildebrand in Manchester, New Hampshire, at the 2004 CGOA Chain Link Conference.  She didn’t have red hair then (!), nor did she have Chronic Lyme Disease.

Tammy and her husband George were standing in the lobby area of the conference hotel when I wandered by.  Tam stopped me and totally gushed, I mean GUSHED over whatever crochet lace thing I was wearing.  She had signed up to meet with Rita Weiss and Jean Leinhauser, who were scouting talent for their upcoming book projects for Creative Partners.  All Tammy and the rest of us wannabe designers knew was to go to the lobby. Only thing was, Tammy had no idea what Rita and Jean looked like. So, after hanging around the lobby for a hour, well past the appointed meeting time, Tammy was tempted to give up.

Turns out Rita and Jean had been holding court the whole time just across the lobby from where Tam was waiting, sitting and chatting with the crowd of admirers.  Who knew? Tammy was so upset imagining that she had blown this opportunity.  So I took her over, introduced her to the dynamic duo, and we shared my appointment time.

We became the best crochet buds.  We have helped each other many times with deadlines and problems.  Tammy is the kindest, most generous soul, with a huge heart, a wacky sense of humor and, up until a couple of years ago, boundless energy.  But today Tammy struggles with this stupid disease.  Not just the disabling symptoms, but also the mounting financial burden that has become more impossible to bear than the disease itself.

So the friends of Tammy Hildebrand have gathered together to raise much needed funds.  Please visit the Help Tammy site and see what we are doing.  An ostentation (or whatever the collective term is for us!) of designers donated books, patterns and crocheted objects that will be awarded randomly to anyone who makes a monetary pledge by December 20th.  I am offering a signed copy of Everyday Crochet and the Mei-Mei garment sample featured on the book cover.

Thank you so much in advance for having as big a heart as my friend Tammy.


3 thoughts on “>The Giving Season

  1. >Wow!BossladyI am so blessed! What awesome friends and crochet FAMILY I have. Thank you so much! I can't wait to eat a brownie sundae dinner with you sometime soon Doris! Ellen needs to join us! Thank you everyone!

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