>In Love With Dove

>Those who know me too well might assume that Dove in the title refers to the Mars brand confections. And although I would never refuse any smooth, sweet foil-wrapped pillows of Dove chocolate (or a Dove ice cream bar), those delicacies are the topic for another day. So get your minds out of the candy aisle.

This is Tahki Dove, new for this season and available in a sophisticated palette of shades as delicious as the candy. Dove works to worsted gauge, but the staggering 163 yards (150 m) per 1.75 ounce (50 g) ball (twice as much yardage as other traditional worsted weight yarns) tells you the story. This is incredibly lightweight stuff. The magic is in the construction. Dove has a teeny nylon chain at its core, which provides strength and stability. This air-core is Z-twist wrapped with a sumptuous blend of extrafine Merino wool and alpaca. Dove looks and behaves like a single (yarn that is not plied, but spun as one strand) and has a soft, fulled appearance while offering amazing stitch definition. That might sound like a contradiction, crocheted fabric that is both fuzzy and defined. But take a close look at the stitch pattern in the “Unchain My Heart” tunic. How gorgeous is that? 

Dove’s airiness is a boon for crocheters who wish to make garments in larger sizes. This tunic requires a mere 10 ounces or so of yarn (6 balls) for a size 2X (52″ finished bust).


The patterns for both Dove designs, the “Unchain My Heart” tunic and the “Hooked on a Feeling” shrug are available for purchase as E-patterns from Tahki Stacy Charles.

And, coming soon in the winter issue of Interweave Crochet, look for another design in Dove that is a major contender in the category “stylish warmth without weight”.


17 thoughts on “>In Love With Dove

  1. >Your tunic design is _lovely_ – but so bust-less I'm likely to never crochet it. Would you please point me to a resource where I could learn to adjust patterns for a slender hourglass figure with "large tracts of land"? Thank you!

  2. >Hey crinklequirk, Don't be misled by the flat-chested models. There is plenty of room in the bodice of that tunic. Whether or not this style would be flattering on a roomier tract, that's for you to decide. :-)My book, Everyday Crochet, gives a some tips for adjusting the bustline of certain types of garments by inserting short row wedges (darts). Good luck in your quest.

  3. >I love this pattern as I do the majority of Doris's designs. The only problem is I have a terrible time interpreting her instructions. I am so frustrated with the bodice I want to scream! My troubles begin on row 8 where it says "Set 1, [WS patt] 3 times. Does this mean that the [WS patt] goes in between the shells? And when it says "work Set 1, [WS patt] once more, how many total [WS patt] should there be in total for that row? Please help!!!

  4. >Hey wildflower, Do not despair! Because this blog is not the best place to get answers, I ask that you please join us at Ravelry.com for help with this pattern. Once there you can jump on the forum dedicated to my designs, Doris Chan: Everyday Crochet. The posse is always available. See you there.

  5. >Well Doris, I have gotten a few replies to my help request on Ravelry but not enough to make any headway on my tunic. Have you ever considered including diagrams, symbols to your patterns? I for one would be very grateful for this addition! No one can come close to your designs but the instructions ……. I think maybe you and I just don't think alike!

  6. >Alas, wildflower, the issue of diagrams and symbols is not up to me, but to the yarn company or magazine that commissions my designs. I am but a hired gun, and have virtually no input as to how a pattern is ultimately published and made available to you.

  7. >Just wanted to say that thanks to Doris and a few other ladies on the Ravelry site I was able to interpret the directions for the "Unchain My Heart Tunic," and am now on my third one! One for myself and two for gifts. Way to go Doris for the beautiful pattern and also for your help! Wildflower (AKA Suaveannie)

  8. The latest comment here is over 3 years ago, so I know if this site is even being monitored anymore. I’m making Size Small of “Unchain my Heart” and I’ve run across a problem in Row 8. Can you help me?

    • Honey, this blog is very active. What you landed on is an old post. Thank you for your interest in this design. I do not give pattern support on this blog, as it is a clumsy way to interact. Please join us at Ravelry.com, jump on the forum dedicated to my designs, Doris Chan:Everyday Crochet, and help will be along.



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