>BACKSTORY: Superior Crochet

>Superior Crochet is the title of a new booklet from Tahki Stacy Charles as well as an apt description of what’s inside. I had the pleasure of co-designing this collection with my friend, Kristin Omdahl, whose stunning round shawl graces the cover.

Can you detect more than a hint of justifiable pride in my tone? This booklet offers some of the loveliest, laciest designs I’ve done. Kristin and I were each asked to create four projects using Filatura Di Crosa Superior, a luxurious laceweight cashmere/silk blend yarn. There could have been major ego problems with that. I can think of a few designers who would not have been happy sharing credit with another designer. And as I recall, we were approached separately and quite gingerly by Stacy Charles about doing this booklet together. No worries. Stacy had no way of knowing that Kristin and I had become total buds.

I met Kristin at TNNA last June in Columbus. I think we had seen each other the year before, perhaps danced around each other, but were at last properly introduced. My first impression was, frankly, WOWSERS. And internal giggling. Here was this tall, young Scandinavian beauty queen, the complete opposite of me, and yet we were both complaining about a similar ailment, namely, sore feet. I also discovered that Kristin drinks coca cola the way I slug down coffee. To each her own fuel.

We sat next to each other that evening at the fashion show and laughed out loud more than was seemly. That is me out of frame to the right with the straggly gray mane, big glasses and white crochet vest. Obviously the photographer (Vashti Braha) knew which one of us deserved to be the focus of that picture!

Kristin, an accomplished designer of knit and crochet, gracious and generous, was a fun and funny co-conspirator throughout this project. Although we worked independently on our own contributions to Superior Crochet, we did occasionally commiserate. At least my phone log tells me we burned up many minutes wingeing and checking in with each other. I worried at first that we could step on each others toes. I mean, how many different ways can you use the same yarn? Surely there would be some duplication in our visions. No worries. As you will see, each garment is fresh, innovative and perfect; harmonious as a collection and yet each piece reflects our own distinctive styles.

Here are Kristin’s other three Superior designs:

Here are mine:

Kudos to Tahki Stacy Charles for the gorgeous photography as always. Here’s a link to this yarn on the Tahki Stacy Charles site. Superior Crochet the booklet is being unveiled this month at TNNA in San Diego and will be available later this month from TSC for $11.99.

See more of Kristin Omdahl’s brilliant designs at her site. And congrats to Kristin on her lovely new book, Wrapped in Crochet: Scarves, Wraps & Shawls, from Interweave Press.  I am sure that Kristin will be blushing a pretty shade of pink when she reads this stuff, but too bad.  This is what friends are for, huh?


10 thoughts on “>BACKSTORY: Superior Crochet

  1. >I love the cover shawl as well as the green one of yours. Having you both in the same book is inspired. I have a yarn that is just begging to be made into a lacy shawl..now I just have to decide which pattern

  2. >This is the only forum I have found to reach you concerning your book Everyday Crochet.I need help understanding the way you write your directions. I really feel like an idiot because I have made some fairly complicated items. I don't have a problem with make shells, I just don't understand the way you write your sequencing and I'm only working on the cameo on page 20. I don't understand the part where you work pattern row 2, Patt row 1 (???times, patt rows 3-4, patt rows 2-3 with ???Pattern repeats.Patt rows 1 & 2 are both increases neither of which end in a single crochet. I'm totally confused.Please help.My email is debbiecraig1@comcast.net I'll be happy to give you my phone number. Anything to figure this out.

  3. >I just discovered you in my current issue of Interweave Crochet. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your designs! I too am a “lifter”. I have enjoyed the art of crochet for about 26 years and knit for about 22 years. You inspire me!:)

  4. >Gorgeous!!!! I'll definitely be looking for this! I see a few new garments coming my way!!! 🙂 Thanks to you, Doris, & Kristin!Beautiful! Those designs are just beautiful!

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