>A Reminder

>Just a quick plug for the next Getting Loopy blogtalk radio show, live on Monday night, 9 pm eastern. Mary Beth Temple, brave girl, is hosting the gang from SFTD (Straight From Today’s Designers) who will be talking about our first collaborative effort, the book Crochet Belts From the Hip. The guest list reads like a who’s who of the crochet universe and we will all be spilling our guts if MBT has anything to say about it.

If you can’t join us live, not to worry. Immediatly after the show and forever more, that episode will be available in archive so you can hear it at your leisure. But there’s nothing like the immediacy of live talk. Hey, you can sign in and join us in the Getting Loopy chat room during the show. Or the truly intrepid may want to phone in and talk, too. But I’m warning you, with all of us bouncing around you’ll hardly get a word in. Good thing this special show is going for a whole hour. I mean, with me and MBT on the line that leaves… what… 15 minutes for everybody else. 😀


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