>PATTERN EXTRAS: Chrysanthemum Tea Skirt

>Occasionally there are lace patterns that I am compelled to revisit. I can’t help not wanting to let go of a good thing, know what I’m saying? If you don’t recognize this stitch, it is the leafy part of the Chrysanthemum Tea Shawl, the design on the cover of my first book, Amazing Crochet Lace. I had always thought it would make a cute skirt. With a few minor adjustments, I did this in a couple of days, using a natural shade of Tahki Cotton Classic.

The redesign practically crocheted itself. But the patterning will take me a while in order to extrapolate a few more sizes. I hope to knock this out before I leave for 2008 CGOA Chain Link in Manchester next week. If you want to check back in a few days, you may find that I have auto-post the pattern extra details while I am away from my desk. Stay tuned!


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