>BACKSTORY: My Michaels and the Duster

>HOLY HANNAH! For once I am speechless (yeah, right, that won’t last long :D).

When one of the biggest yarn retailers on the planet, Michaels Arts&Crafts, chooses to spotlight and support crochet design and designers, you can bet your ball winder that it’s a grand day for crochet. Starting today my own designer page at the Michaels.com website goes live. I am so honored to be the first one there. Hey, I don’t mind being the guinea pig; at least not such a COOL guinea pig! Eternal gratitude to Suzi, Content Editor for Michaels.com, and Cari, Director of Fashion & Design for Caron International, for making this happen.

Skim over the lengthy biography if you must (when do I write anything that’s short and concise?) and get to the good part: the link to a collection of free patterns for my designs from Caron International. There in one place you’ll find some of my favorite garments made in Simply Soft.

Those who know me are not surprised that I need very little nudging (OK, no nudging at all) to model my designs in fashion shows. My excuse… uh, rationalization… is that nothing shows the beauty, drape and movement of a garment like sending it down the catwalk. No static image, not even the classiest photography on the most winsome fashion models can adequately convey the swirly, twirly, girly fun of lace. One case in particular is this duster I wore last summer at 2007 CGOA Chain Link. That night was totally hysterical. Kudos to Dee Stanziano for capturing the exuberant end-of-runway spin through her magic lens.

For me the challenges of modeling at CGOA fashion shows are twofold: maintaining dignity while all your guild buds are hooting it up, and teetering on 2 1/4″ heels, which are really high considering my usual footwear consists of various pairs of mismatched Converse All-Stars. Lucky for me I wasn’t required to chew gum at the same time.

YIPPEEE! The Caron Crochet Lacy Duster is one of the free patterns now linked through my Michaels page.

Doubledogdangit! The gauge was inadvertently left out of this pattern:
12 BASE CH/SC (aka Foundation single crochet) = 4”
In pattern, 2 repeats (SH, ch 2) body pattern = 3”, 5 rows shells = 4” as crocheted
NOTE: Weight of body results in substantial growth in total length when worn.


16 thoughts on “>BACKSTORY: My Michaels and the Duster

  1. >Doris, that is great! it is wonderful to see your virtual presence bring great crochet to the wider world! I signed up at Michael’s site. It’s giving me ideas: last night I had the rare delight of a visit with my 3-year-old niece and her mother who are here for a couple of weeks from Japan. I took the opportunity to measure both for crocheted sweaters. Nami’s two English comments are “see ya!” and “pink! pink! pink!” — so I know what color of yarn to look for! IF I can break my addiction to the designs in “Everyday Crochet” I might have to try the lacy jacket (for Nami’s mommy) in a reddish purple. And what could be more fun that PINK PINK PINK for my niece!?

  2. >That is VERY *exciting!* I have been crocheting since September 2007, have fallen totally head-over-heels with it, and recently I have come across your Amazing Lace book. LOVE IT! I am SO looking forward to making some of your designs~WOOHOOO! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  3. >Yay!! That’s so exciting, Doris!! Congratulations! But your designs are so awesome, who wouldn’t wonder that Michaels wanted you first?!-Chelseaaka crochetcollection on Ravelry

  4. >So excited for you!! This is awesome! I loved this jacket when I saw you model it at Chainlink last year and would love to make it for myself. Just one question – there is no guage listed on the pattern. Thanks!

  5. >Dear Doris, We – tree german crochet freaks – fell in love with the lacy duster seen on your blog. As we are members of an german internet crochet club we decided to start an lacy duster crochet along. What an exciting project!To make easier and more relaxing for us, we want to translate your pattern. So I want to ask you if we are alloud to do so….That would be great,your crochet design is so amazing!P.S. Excuse me that I contact you this way…

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