>What I’m wearing today: All Shawl Take 2

>WOWSERS! I am pleased to announce that my book signing host last season, the Elegant Ewe, will have me back this year. WHOO-HOO! So I’ve just made arrangements with Marci Richardson for a couple of “smile, you’re it!” sessions at the Elegant Ewe booth in the Market at 2008 CGOA Chain Link in Manchester, NH later in July.

Marci and Kelly are both terrific models for my garment samples, so much so that this year I want to make special pieces for them to wear during the event and display in their store. Eventually I will know what yarns they’d like to use, but for now I am tinkering.

And I think I’ve got it. Messing around with some Tahki Cotton Classic over the weekend, I took the basic All Shawl body and added an alternate lace edging. It is a “grain” pattern adapted from a vintage thread placemat, transformed into a big, bold statement when crocheted in this DK weight mercerized cotton yarn. Sorry Marci and Kelly, this one’s MINE!


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