>What I’m wearing today: ALL SHAWL

> My best buddy is my son, a handi-capable young adult with cerebral palsy. He collects hats, music CD’s and movie/TV DVD’s. (I envy him his complete seven season set of Magnum P.I.) In his group home situation he rarely gets to go to the movies in a real theater. So I’ve been trying to keep my promise to take him as often as possible.

This past weekend we shared the excitement of seeing the new Indiana Jones film. WHOO HOO! Harrison Ford may be well into his 60’s but he’s still got it! My son’s favorite movie snack is Raisinets; he can go through the box before the opening trailers are done. But he can’t manage to rip open the top of the box himself. This I do for him gladly because I take a payment of one Raisinet!

We prefer to go to matinees, the earlier the better. Coping with crowds is not our thing. So at 10:50 on a Saturday morning this theater is nearly empty. It was 92 degrees and steamy outside. Inside, the AC was cranking full tilt. With no bodies around to heat up the room it was frigid through the entire showing, even with Harrison Ford on the screen. So I was glad I brought along this comfy shawl. I used it variously around my neck, across my arms in short sleeves and over my legs in the skort.

I’ve crocheted this shawl many times over the years, long, short, lace edged and fringed, in various weights and gauges. This design, now with the name All Shawl, is so functional, quick to crochet and easy to adapt that I decided to share the pattern with all my blog readers, Ravelry friends and fiberazzi everywhere. You are invited to receive the All Shawl as a free download from Ravelry to help me celebrate my birthday. Bear in mind that this is my first self-publishing venture and all may not be perfect. But that’s the beauty of this venue. I can keep editing the pattern as we go.

Here’s a thought for anyone who finishes up a personal All Shawl and is planning to attend the Saturday night Fashion Show at the Summer Knit and Crochet Show (CGOA Chain Link) in Manchester, NH next month. Please bring or if you want, wear your shawl to the event that night. Pay attention during the Fashion Show. You’ll know exactly when to stand up, smile and twirl.

6 thoughts on “>What I’m wearing today: ALL SHAWL

  1. >Hi Doris, that’s so generous of you! I think I’ve already queued this shawl on Rav, so I’ll go and take another look!Unfortunately I’m on the other side of the world, otherwise I’d definitely come to the fashion show.

  2. >Yippee! Another shawl to add to my Doris collection :)I really wish I could be in Manchester this year to twirl, but I have another commitment that weekend. Love the blog and the story behind your designs. Keep writing!

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