New Crochet Toy: Tulip Etimo K Hook

I know, I know. Two posts ago I said I was going to talk about yarn for crochet.  I will get to that, I swear.  Today I am showing off my shiny new toy, and later at the end of this post I will be taking names to win one of your own.

Etimo KMy one and only tiny regret about the original collection of Etimo hooks that I continue to rave about and use exclusively in my crochet, both professionally and for fun, is that the sizes ran out at the J-10 (6mm) size. My friends at Tulip Company musta got tired of hearing me beg, because they went and adjusted their manufacturing in order to produce this beauty, a US size K-10 1/2 (6.5mm) crochet hook, the crowning glory in the Etimo Cushion Grip line.

Let me assure you that I am in no way paid by Tulip to endorse their crochet tools. In fact, nobody could pay me enough to work with hooks that I didn’t totally love. I discovered Etimo hooks at a TNNA (The National NeedleArts Association) trade show in 2009 through the sheer force of will of my boss, Vashti Braha. She had seen this brilliant new line of hooks earlier in the day and insisted that I HAD TO SEE THEM. She dragged me over to the Tulip exhibit as I was not in the mood for browsing new tools, I really wanted to go get some coffee. I always want to go get some coffee. Anyway, she made me play with the sample hooks and yarn that were thoughtfully provided. From the moment I held one in my hand I was, pardon the expression, hooked.

There is no other cushion grip crochet hook like it, and in my opinion none other as fine. I could go on and on about how the hook is supremely comfortable and fits the hand, how it is perfectly balanced in weight and proportion, the exacting quality of the manufacturing. Nothing else I’ve tested even comes close. Now that there’s the K size to fill out the set, I am a totally happy hooker. I had to custom order my first Etimo set straight from the company in Hiroshima, Japan. Since 2009, Tulip Company has secured US distributors for their products, including incredibly smooth bamboo knitting needles, bead and thread crochet hooks, specialty needles and awesome interchangeable hook and needle sets. Today you can find Etimos right on the shelf at your local AC Moore craft store!

Why, you ask, does the Etimo K make me so giddy?  Isn’t a hook that big only used with chunky or bulky weight thick yarn (CYCA category 5)? AH-HA!  Not in my ‘verse.  I routinely match the K with medium and heavy worsted weight yarns (CYCA category 4) in order to lighten up the fabric. Vashti says the K is the key to creating the melting drape of her special sort of slip stitch designs (get Vashti’s free pattern here). For my crochet demonstrations at TNNA in Columbus, Ohio next week I’ll be presenting a unique stitch I call the K-Cluster, worked into a burly scarf with a ribbing-like texture, using the Etimo K and Filatura di Crosa Zara 8, a true worsted weight yarn in wonderfully soft superwash merino wool. Here’s a preview of the scarf pattern I’ll be giving to visitors to the demo:

K-Cluster Scarf

So, who wants one?  To celebrate the launch, I am offering one lucky crocheter a free Etimo K-10 1/2 (6.5mm) hook, compliments of Tulip Company and myself. If you’ve never tested an Etimo hook, then here’s a chance to get one in your hands.  If you’re already a hardcore fan, then this is the hook to complete your collection. Just leave a comment/reply to this post before midnight Eastern Time, Sunday night, 16 June, and I’ll be back with a winner on Monday. Remember, sucking up to me does not increase your chances of winning! 🙂 But you are invited to tell me about your own experiences with Etimo crochet hooks, if you like. Best of luck to all!


117 thoughts on “New Crochet Toy: Tulip Etimo K Hook

  1. I’m always looking for comfortable and effective hooks, because I’ve got a wonky nerve in my arm. I’m looking forward to trying these hooks!

  2. I had not heard of these before. I think my arthritic thumbs will be happy with them.

    If you recommend them, that’s enough for me. Thank you for telling us about them.

    We don’t have the Moore store near here. Any ideas?


  3. This Crocheter says Hooray
    for a chance to win an Etimo K.
    Doris has gone all giddy on it.
    Enough of a reason for me to want it.

  4. I really enjoy reading you blog and killing at your beautiful creations. I’ve rarely used large hooks but that could change!

  5. Doris, I too an am avid fan of Etimo hooks. They’re all I use if I can help it. I try to avoid projects that require a hook larger than a J hook and am always disappointed when I have to use super bulky yarns because it means I can’t use my Etimo hooks. I knew the K hooks have been coming and have been impatiently waiting for them!

  6. I’d love to have the K Etimo. I just bought my 1st one 2 weeks ago and I’m using it on the Fairlane jacket from your new book. I’m really enjoying both thank you!
    This is not a suck up post just the true facts!

  7. I have never seen an etimo hook in person but have heard wonderful things about them on Ravelry. Since you love them too, perhaps I should seek them out.

  8. I got an Etimo hook at the Knit & Crochet Show last year, or was it Stitches East? I don’t use it very often, but when I do I’m reminded of why I love it. The yarn slides along the hook so smoothly! Recently I treated myself to a second hook in the set, a J (one of my favorite sizes for yarn crochet). I’d love to have a K, and then I think that I’d buy one at a time until I have a complete set. Or hint, hint -1 for birthday, 1 for Valentine’s Day, 1 for Mother’s Day, 1 for Christmas, …

  9. I’d really love an Etimo size K hook to fill in the last empty slot in my Etimo hook case so I can throw away the plastic K hook I’ve been using.

  10. What a beautiful hook! I have just rediscovered crochet with your wonderful patterns Doris! They are so adorable, wearable, and work up in a short amount of time. This hook would be a wonderful addition to my growing collection.

  11. I must admit I haven’t tried very many hook brands beside my standard Boye ones. I wish there was a way to test drive hooks before buying one.

  12. I’m a die hard Clover hook hooker, but your review sounds like this is a brand I need to try. I think I’ll look for a 4.5 next time I’m out and give it a shot!

  13. I have never used more than a basic aluminum hook and the description of this hook is positively seductive. It makes me realize that there is more to the hook than just the hook. I would love to try this hook and make that great scarf (perfect color too!),

  14. I love these hooks! So of course, this is the size that is missing from my collection.

    My only gripe with them, is that while using them outside, which I do any time I can find warm temps in Wisconsin, I might accidentally drop them on the patio, which inevitably scrapes up the finish. This will catch in the yarn and cause all sorts of trouble! It can be filed down with fine grit Emory board, but then they aren’t so shiny. Other hooks don’t sustain that kind of damage bouncing off the concrete, but these are SO worth it!

  15. This is a must have for me! I’m a big fan of Etimos. 6.5 mm (K) would be almost great for working those worsted weight yarns. Although – my favorite size to use with worsted weight is 7 mm – which does not exist in US, but I wish it would. I so want Tulip to release 7 mm as the next one – it just makes perfect drape for those arans!

  16. I’d LOVE to try this hook! I have RA and constantly am on the lookout for a hook that will make hooking more comfortable. Thanks for the chance!

  17. WOW! I think these are the hooks I need! I have been trying to find hooks to allow my MS hands to keep crocheting – and I think you’ve gone and showed me exactly what I need to find 🙂 Thank you!

  18. I haven’t crocheted in years and am getting back into it. I’m researching hooks and would love to win this one 🙂

  19. OK, I’ll commit blasphemy here – I’ve never even heard ot these hooks before, but since I’m always up for a new experience, I’d love to try one. My local bigbox craft stores (Joanns, Michaels and Hobby Lobby) don’t carry anything “exotic” and the Orlando area is sadly lacking in LYS.

  20. How exciting!!! I was just looking online the other day to see if I could find a larger Etimo Tulip hook for crocheting afghans. How fast wishes can come true! 🙂 I convinced my mom to try them, she’s always used the Boyle hooks. She’s a longtime crocheter and couldn’t believe the difference they made. She showed me two identical baby sweaters, one was hooked with her Boyle hook and one was hooked with her new tulip hook. Even she couldn’t believe the difference, the one hooked with the Tulip was more even stitched. She said she could tell the difference right away with how the yarn smoothly moved on and off the tulip hook and she said she was able to hook longer because her hands didn’t ache as they did when she used her old hooks.. Thanks & ~sMiLeS~

  21. I’d love to try a Etimo hook. I’ve been “hooked” on the clover hooks but lately have not been entirely satisfied with them and I’ve been searching for that perfect hook for the large hook projects I prefer.

    Thanks. 🙂

  22. I have one Etimo hook that I love. It really is very comfortable AND the hook is great. I have my eye on the all pink set!

  23. Not only am I excited about the Etimo K hook, but that beautiful scarf pattern of yours to show what it can do!! This is great, and thanks for the chance to win the hook…:-)

  24. I LOVE my Tulips! After attending the knit/crochet show in Reno last fall, I went and ordered the set of hooks and also the smaller sized steel hooks.

  25. I have never had the opportunity to use an Etimo hook, but I have been lusting after them since they came out. I would love to win one. Thank you for the opportunity.

  26. This is my first time writing to you. Sorry, but I can’t help letting you know that you are Great! I’m one of your newest followers. I enjoy your writing style very much!…and YES!!! I would like to get the complimentary Etimo hook.

  27. Hi, Thanks for hosting this give away. I only use the Etimo hooks,exclusively. I own the steel set and also the larger size set. This new size hook will make the collection perfect! I recommend these outstanding hooks to all crocheters! Thanks!

  28. I’ve not yet used these hooks, but your recommendation goes a long way with me. BTW, my Amazon order of two of your books will arrive – ta da! – tomorrow! Yay!

    I have four different interchangeable knitting needle sets and really like them so I’m happy to hear these come that way also. Anyone have any problems with the interchangibility mechanism?
    Gloria Tracy

  29. WOW! I have a few Etimos and really like how they feel in my hand. That they did not go past J always made me sad too, so I am thrilled to hear of this! Yay! 😀

  30. Hi, thank you for your kind offer, I am always ready to try new tools and would be delighted to win an Etimo hook!

  31. I’ve never tried an Etimo hook though I’d like to:)
    I prefer hooks with handles and have even made a couple myself with special clay.

  32. Because I have only one ergonomic hook I am always on the lookout for patterns that use a J-hook or patterns and ideas where I can make a J work. Would love to have a K.

  33. When you first mentioned these hooks I decided to try one and was hooked. I ordered the complete set and a couple extras. but like you I wondered about the K. I had to order my online and will try to order this one too. You made my day! This is the best hook I have used in over 30 years and can crochet longer at a time. I call it my therapy lol Bv

  34. i have recently gotten back into crochet, only problem is my hands are 20 years older now. I would love to try Etimo hook, the bigger rip looks so comfortable compared to my old metal hooks. i’ll have to search for them in Canada

  35. I have never tried the Tulip brand of crochet hook. I started crocheting at 16 years of age and I am now 60 so I have been at this for awhile.

  36. Use to knit until I saw your patterns, Doris. Your DJC:Spirals did the trick. Would love to try the Tulip brand of hooks.

  37. Crochet lady on June 14, 2013 at 9:14 p.m. said:
    I’ve never used a crochet hook like this but I would love to try one! Hope I can win.

  38. Hi Doris, Just discovered your site from Ravelry.
    Would love to try this hook. Never heard of it before.
    Thanks for your consideration.

  39. I had one of these in an H I think but it went missing!!! EEKKK I have not had a chance to replace it yet as I am still hoping to find it lol … I would love to have another one so count me in!!!

  40. I would love an Etimo K hook! I bought the blue set and love them! They are among the hooks I might let you hold, but you can’t borrow them.

  41. Hello from Romania!
    I crochet for almost 8 months.
    I discovered you a few days ago and I’m fascinated by your style!
    Soon is my birthday and I want to give me even a book with your creations… but Etimo K
    crochet would be for me “crochet Doris Chan”!

  42. Hi Doris,
    I have been looking for a comfortable crochet hook since I started crocheting, which has only been a year. I decided, while I was laid off from work, to take up crocheting as a meditative process while going through stress of finding a new job. Needless to say, I have been crocheting relentlessly. I have made two shawls using your All Shawl Crochet Lace pattern and the Snow Day Mobius Crochet Cowl. As you can see, I’ve been doing a lot of “meditating”. I would love to have a try at the Tulip Etimo hook in my pursuit to find the most comfortable crochet hook.

  43. Hello Doris 🙂 There is something comforting about having a wooden handle while crocheting. I only have one hook with a wooden handle, and love using it, and wish I had more 🙂
    Bye for now

  44. I have PA, and I crochet for therapy, got me a set from A C Moore for Mothers Day with 50% coupon. Have helped my hand so much. I also think they are the best, lightest, most balanced i’ve ever had. Carry my case around with me always. Need the K. Love your blog so much.

  45. I cannot live without my K hook! I am intrigued by this style hook and am heading to buy one to add to my collection! Thank you for sharing with us.

  46. Hi
    I just stumble upon your website as I am looking for crochet patterns to teach a group of senior citizens. I have heard of Tulip brand, but dont have a chance to try Etimo hooks. I have been looking high and low for K size hook and have no idea what size it is. Thank you for the information!
    Do you know if it is available in Singapore stores? Enjoy your postings and take care, Emily

    • Hey Emily,

      The American K-10 1/2 size hook is 6.5mm. That should help you find one. Most hook brands offer this size, including international brands. I am not sure if Tulip Etimo hooks are available in Singapore. Best of luck with your classes!


      Doris Chan

  47. I love my Tulip hooks. Have the Grey set and the steel hooks as well. They really are comfortable -just the right size for my hand and style of crocheting.
    I know I won’t win – never do. 🙂
    But where would I buy a size K?

  48. Bought an Etimo Tulip crochet hook in size 9 as a result of your comments here. Used it once, and immediately ordered the 8 and the 10! I will add a hook or two a month until I have the whole set.

    I use mostly the 8,9,10 size range, but you never know. And with a hook as comfortable to use as these are, I can see myself using smaller sizes without my hands complaining.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  49. Based on your recommendations, I have became a total fan of the Etimos. Can you please advise
    as to where to get the “K” Tulip Etimos crochet hook? My web searches have not yielded a
    Etimo “K”. Amazon does not carry the “K” nor any other site I’ve searched.

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